BD-8 – Boot Drying Tree Accessory


The optional boot drying accessories can be ordered with new T4-IHT models or can be added to T4-IHT models currently on the market. The BD-8 boot dryer fits easily into one of the four drying ports. With this accessory, fire departments and emergency service organizations have the ability to dry eight boots per accessory, or up to 32 boots at one time.


  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • 8 Reversible Boot Holders
  • Dimensions: 83″x 31″

For Use With:

T4-IHT 4-Unit Special-Ops Gear Dryer

 By allowing for inverted drying, Ram Air’s Special-Ops Gear Dryers are able to dry hazmat, immersion and ice-rescue suits that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate.

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