Ram Air Gear Dryer recently introduced a complete system for proper decontamination of special-ops gear that cannot be washed in a mechanical washer. Ram Air’s Special-ops Decon System simplifies the process of cleaning and drying special-ops gear including hazmat, immersion and ice-rescue suits. The system teams Ram Air’s new Gear Decon Sprayer with their Rinse Station and Staging Accessory and 4-IHT Gear Dryer for quick cleaning and effective drying of special-ops gear.

“Special-ops gear can be large and awkward to handle,” said Lance Dornn, president of Ram Air. “We designed the new Special-ops Decon System to minimize handling of gear. The Decon System makes it easy for firefighters to properly clean special-ops gear that may otherwise be inadequately cleaned by hosing it down on the floor.”

To decontaminate gear using Ram Air’s Special-ops Decon System, firefighters dress their special-ops gear on a stickman. The Rinse Stand securely holds the dressed stickman in an upright, inverted position for easy decontamination using the Ram Air Gear Decon Sprayer. Designed with air injection at the nozzle, the sprayer automatically mixes water and gear-cleaning solutions/disinfectants with air to achieve a foaming action. The foam provides better adhesion to the garment—ensuring saturation time requirements set forth by manufacturers are met and that gear is properly decontaminated. The dressed stickman is then transferred directly from the Rinse Station to the Ram Air 4-IHT Gear Dryer for quick drying without further handling of the gear.

For more information or to order Ram Air’s new Special-Ops Decon System, please visit www.ramairgeardryer.com or contact us at 855-393-3379 (USA) or 888-393-3379 (Canada).

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