CitroSqueezeCitroSqueeze® has been tested and proven safe by:
• DuPont for cleaning Nomex
• Southern Mills for cleaning P.B.I. and Kevlar
• W.L. Gore and Associates (Germany) for cleaning Gore-tex
• 3M Products for cleaning Scotchlite® Retroreflective Firecoat Trims #8486/7, 9825, 8930, 8935, 8986/7, 9910, and 9486/7.

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(800) 713-0677
Proudly used by Fire Departments in:
Charlotte NC, Brevard and Broward Counties FL, Fairfax County VA, Topeka KS, Phoenix AZ, Denver CO, Los Angeles CA, Ft. Worth TX, St. Louis MO, El Paso TX and hundreds more!

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