A firefighter-owned company, Ram Air Gear Dryer provides a full range of fire gear dryers made exclusively for drying PPE. Our gear dryer lineup for firefighters and EMS includes turnout gear dryers and special-ops gear dryers (immersion suit dryers, ice rescue suit dryers, dive equipment dryers and hazmat suit dryers). Our lineup of dryers for law enforcement includes CRBN suit dryers, Multi-threat suit dryers, K9 bite suit dryers, hazmat suit dryers and ice water rescue dryers.

Ram Air’s gear dryer accessory ports on all of our gear dryers help departments keep ALL their equipment dry. Helmet dryers, boot dryers, and accessory ports for drying gloves, face masks and SCBAs are included. Our patented turnout gear dryers are designed to dry gear quickly—getting firefighters back to action fast. NFPA compliant, Ram Air PPE Dryers are built with the highest quality components. We strive to set standards beyond any competitor’s fire gear dryers. Our goal is to provide unmatched customer service and quality firefighter turnout gear dryers that ensure fire gear is in top operating condition—ultimately preserving the safety of firefighters and those they serve.


 Ram Air Turnout Gear Dryers safely and quickly dry all turnout gear and accessories including helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs. Our PPE gear dryers are available in 4, 6 or 8-unit models with a touchscreen control that enables ambient or heated-air drying. All our turnout gear dryers align with gear manufacturer requirements and comply with NFPA 1851/FEMSA recommendations for drying firefighter turnout gear.

 TG-4, TG-4H, TG-6, TG-6H, TG-8, TG-8H


By allowing for inverted drying, Ram Air’s T4-IHT Special-Ops Gear Dryers are able to dry hazmat, immersion (survival or gumby suits), CBRN/Multi-threat suits, and ice-rescue suits that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate. Additionally, the T4-IHT gear dryer dries standard bunker gear and accessories. Adjustable to any size gear, it dries quickly and efficiently without turning gear inside out and causing damage to the gear.



 Ram Air’s turnout gear dryer accessories add flexibility to your gear dryer –helping your department run more efficiently.

ADT-14 Accessory Drying Tree

 RS-B Rinse Station and Staging Accessory

 DECON-1 Gear Decon Sprayer

  BD-8 Boot Dryer Accessory

Ram Air Sponsors 2023 World Police and Fire Games

Ram Air Sponsors 2023 World Police and Fire Games

Ram Air Gear Dryer is a proud sponsor of the 2023 World Police and Fire Games taking place from July 28 – August 6, 2023 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Held biennially, the World Police and Fire Games is an Olympic-style competition with more than 8,500 athletes...

Is dry time keeping you from cleaning your gear?

Is dry time keeping you from cleaning your gear?

“Dirty gear is no longer a badge of honor. Having a fast and effective way to put gear back into service is the new standard…the (Ram Air) TG-4H can dry turnout gear in two hours or less." Read the full article here.

Ram Air Announces Hometown Heroes Grant

Ram Air Announces Hometown Heroes Grant

Ram Air is proud to salute one lucky fire department with an $8000 Hometown Heroes grant to be used toward the purchase of a Ram Air Gear Dryer. As a firefighter owned company, we have a sincere appreciation for preserving the safety of firefighters and those you...

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