Captain Michael Gardner, Supply Manager, PPE CoordinatorFort Worth Fire Department, Fort Worth, Texas
“The Fort Worth Fire Department purchased, and has been using two of the model 6 MU’s for the past five years. Our dryers assume a work load of 12 hours per day, 4 days a week. Our PPE Technicians are pleased with the consistent performance, and being able to keep up with the work load.”
Jim Wilson, Fire ChiefMariposa County Fire Department, Mariposa, California
“As the result of a successful 2008 FEMA-AFG Safety and Operations grant, Mariposa County Fire Department purchased five Ram Air gear dryers…” “I am pleased to say that all five dryer units have met and exceeded all expectations and, to date, MCFD has not experienced any mechanical failures. Our volunteer members are pleased with their performance.”
Gerry Morrell, Fire ChiefCity of Lafayette Fire Department, Layfayette, Colorado
“The Lafayette Fire Department purchased the Ram Air gear dryer approximately 2 years ago and we are extremely pleased with its performance. The model we purchased holds 6 sets of gear. We are now able to wash our gear and put it back in service within 3 hours. The Ram Air gear dryer has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it.”
Bob Pistor, ChiefMontrose Fire Protection District, Montrose, Colorado
“The Montrose Fire Protection District has purchased the Ram Air gear dryer. We purchased the model that dries 6 sets of gear. The first time we used it six sets of structural bunker gear were dry in two hours. We are now able to wash our gear and get it back in service within 2 hours and 45 minutes from the start of the wash cycle.”
Dru Tischer, Deputy Fire ChiefCity of Shawnee Fire Department, Shawnee, Oklahoma
“Our department has purchased two Ram Air Gear Dryers (one model 6-MU and one model 1-IHT) within the past two years and has been extremely pleased with the quality of construction and the functionality of each. The Ram Air Gear Dryer meets the needs of our department by providing short gear drying times without the use of heated air. I would recommend Ram Air Gear Dryers to any department that is looking for a quality gear dryer.”
Thomas L. Myers, Interim Fire ChiefRio Vista Fire Department, Rio Vista, California
“We continued to look for a dryer that would serve our needs and come in at the right price point and discovered the Ram Air Dryer. After taking a thorough look at the how it operated, the options of drying other items other than turn out gear, and using only ambient air, we decided to make the purchase.”