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Safely and quickly dry all turnout gear and accessories including helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs. The patented design uses powerful fans that push air through gear from the inside out-effectively drying the hard to reach areas and vapor barriers in gear that are prone to mold and mildew if not dried properly. The unique design of Ram Air gear dryers limits air loss and prevents air flow from following the path of least resistance.
Turnout Gear Dryers: T4-MU, T4-HMU, T6-MU, T6-HMU

Hazmat / Immersion /Dive or Ice Rescue/Turnout Gear

By allowing for inverted drying, Ram Air's special-ops gear dryers are able to dry hazmat, immersion and dry or wet suits for swiftwater, dive or ice rescues. Ram Air special-ops dryers quickly and efficiently dry personal protective equipment (PPE) that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate while still drying standard bunker gear and accessories. Adjustable to any size gear, the 4-IHT dries PPE without turning gear inside out and causing damage to the gear. Gone are the days of hosing down gear and waiting days for it to dry. With Ram Air’s immersion/hazmat/dive or ice rescue/turnout gear dryers you can rest assured that your gear will be back in action fast! Special-Ops Gear Dryers: T4-IHT

Add-ons for your dryers

RS-B Rinse Station/Staging Accessory Securely holds stickmen from the gear dryer in an upright position for easily rinsing/decontaminating gear that cannot be washed in a mechanical washer.

BD-8 Boot Drying Accessory The BD-8 properly removes the moisture in boots after emergency or training situations. It can dry up to 8 boots per accessory.

ADT-14 Accessory Drying Tree The ADT-14 enables departments to dry up to 14 items per accessory including boots, station footwear and gloves.

Removable Blower The fans on our gear dryers can be easily removed and attached to your pumper truck’s water ports for quick drying.

Ram Air Gear Dryers are built to dry and built to last!

Latest News & Articles

Captain Michael Gardner, Supply Manager, PPE CoordinatorFort Worth Fire Department, Fort Worth, Texas
“The Fort Worth Fire Department purchased, and has been using two of the model 6 MU’s for the past five years. Our dryers assume a work load of 12 hours per day, 4 days a week. Our PPE Technicians are pleased with the consistent performance, and being able to keep up with the work load.”
Jim Wilson, Fire ChiefMariposa County Fire Department, Mariposa, California
“As the result of a successful 2008 FEMA-AFG Safety and Operations grant, Mariposa County Fire Department purchased five Ram Air gear dryers…” “I am pleased to say that all five dryer units have met and exceeded all expectations and, to date, MCFD has not experienced any mechanical failures. Our volunteer members are pleased with their performance.”